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South West Millmerran is enriched with people living in a renewable and clean energy lifestyle

Living off the grid is a tremendous environmental concept that many aspire to, and this is where the SWMCP office is located, renewable energy is not only the best way to get power, but it is the RCSS's founders only way.

Even though some of us are very positive for this clean energy, we are very aware of the concerns that are raised opposing it, especially where it directly affects our neighbouring farms and businesses. Therefore, be assured all positive and negative voices will be provided. The RCSS cares about everyone's opinion and concerns on this matter!

The RCSS encourages the community to continue their enrichment of, 'our way of life', by learning, understanding and keeping up to date with the Captains Mountain Wind Farm.   RCSS will also keep up to date with this project and remind the community  of any consultations and important information that would be directed by the Captains Mountain Wind Farm Vestas team.

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Clean Energy

About Captains Mountain Wind Farm

Brief Outline

The Captains Mountain Wind Farm project will consist of up to 70 Vestas wind turbines, each with an estimated maximum height of 250m to the uppermost blade tip. The project will connect into the existing transmission network at Millmerran, supplying clean energy to the National Electricity Market.

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Captains Mountain Wind Farm

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Captains Mountain Wind Farm


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They are alwasy available to answer questions, provide updates and receive your feedback

Kids with Capes

How is wind energy produced? - Sustainability for kids Part 1 | Vestas

How is wind energy produced? - Sustainability for kids Part 2 | Vestas

Please also take the time to research the Australian Government National Wind Farm Commissioner information.


A detailed look at what a wind farm in Tasmania would sound like with normal background noises.

Examining whether wind farm emissions may affect human health is complex, due to the nature of the emissions and individual perceptions are highly variable. After careful consideration and deliberation of the body of evidence, NHMRC concludes there is currently no consistent evidence that wind farms cause adverse health effects in humans.  National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


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March, April & May update

The meteorological mast will be placed on the land. It is unrelated to the wind farm development – it is a mast that will help gather data required to prove the wind speed in the area.