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We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply heard and supported.

Connecting you to support links

Linking you to available support services for disability support.  The RCSS is not re-inventing the wheel of creating manual directories, instead we are taking the initiative to provide links to the organisations that have already created support referral service connections.   The RCSS has listened to our most vulnerable in bringing all those services into one place!

Ask Izzy


My community directory

St Vincent de Paul


Carers  Australia

Where is supports

Blackdog Institute

Life without



Housing Hub

Beyond Blue


Catholic Care

Disability Gateway

NDIS Providers

Carers Gateway

QLD Govt Links

Where to obtain disability support. 

Disability Support QLD

Disability Support Queensland – an online community resource for people with disabilities, and families, friends and carers – where you can access information on disability services across Brisbane; connect with one another through conversation; and read up on the latest news and events across the industry.


The NDIS is designed to help people get the support they need so their skills and independence improve over time.

Neami International

Provides a range of psychosocial health and mental health recovery services including group programs, outreach support and short-term, live-in recovery services.

Doctor Talking to Boy in Wheelchair

Disability Support Pension (DSP)

To get Disability Support Pension (DSP), you need to meet both: non-medical rules; medical rules. To find out if this is the right payment for you, read more about who can get it.

Disabled Athletes in Sports Hall

Payments for People living with a Disability or illness/injury

Not everyone with disability or a medical condition can get DSP. If you can’t get DSP, you may be able to get other payments.

Mother and Son

Payments for Carers

Carers may be eligible for specific financial support payments from the Federal Government to assist with their living costs, providing they live in Australia and meet residence requirements.