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We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply heard and supported.

Connecting you to support links

Linking you to available support services for food insecurity.  The RCSS is not re-inventing the wheel of creating manual directories, instead we are taking the initiative to provide links to the organisations that have already created support referral service connections.   The RCSS has listened to our most vulnerable in bringing all those services into one place!

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Dept Social Security Funded

Maranoa Western

Region Darling Downs

St Vincent de Paul

Dept Social Security Funded

Darling Downs 


Salvation Army

QLD Govt Links

The Emergency Relief Program provides financial and/or material support to Queenslanders in financial crisis

The program provides support such as food vouchers, food parcels and third-party payments for vulnerable Queenslanders, and aims to prevent future financial crisis by referring people to appropriate financial and social support services.


The program can provide food parcels and clothing. Other needs can be assessed at time of contact.

For assistance please call 1300 991 443. 

Charity Search

Search Charities that provide services in the region

Services Australia

Support if you’re experiencing food insecurity

call 132 850.