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Our Logo

8 Degrees of Australiana Unity

The Heartfelt meaning behind the Logo

1. The artist created this painting as an inspiration of unity, inclusiveness, environmental and togetherness.

2. Each bird is represented from our regional districts that have united as one, no matter what diverse background we have. We all sit equal with no leading power.  The community is situated on the border of the Goondiwindi Region and the "Goonawinna"  name was derived from an Aboriginal  word  meaning “the resting place of the birds” .  Recognising the custodians of the land we live on.

3.  Each floral emblem is represented by every state of Australia and  Australia as a whole as we are proud to be Australian.


4. We care for our environment and flora and also the veteran's that served for our Country, represented by the poppy.  We also recognise the custodians and our history through the flora representing tucker for the traditional aboriginal people.

5. The longhorn represents our pastoral district of the Darling Downs. The longhorn skull represents our battles of drought and flooding throughout history.

6. The imprint of the rural life is a capture of the harsh conditions we all survive and unite in to continue to resource off our rural properties, honouring our farmers and pioneers and living amongst our Coats of Arms (Kangaroo and Emu).

7. The imprint also shows the sun and colors as well as recognition of our elders of the country, the Bigambul aboriginal people. We are united.


8. Finally, the koala represents our battles with fires, floods, pandemics and care and protection for our fauna.