South West Millmerran and wider community

Contributing to a sustainable future

The South West Millmerran has an immediate community of approx. 519 properties and a further wider community (South East) of approx. 300 more, estimating 70% living without connection to the public power grid or water and sewer system.  This means the community has a disconnection from infrastructures requiring the means to generate their own power, identify a water source, and deal with waste.  Many also grow and rear food to live sustainably as the town of Millmerran is over an hour return trip.

The Rural Communities Social Services Inc., with a background on some of the key social disadvantaged dynamics, has a better understanding, and will effectively address the difficulties faced by many people,  children and families living in rural communities.

The community is marked by a general feeling of isolation (no support for infrastructure) and mistrust: many people do not know each other, children stay away rather than be active, and most community members rarely gather to discuss matters of collective importance.  The residents are forced to purchase a post box where they drive an hour return trip to obtain their mail.   There are no garbage collections and a drive can be a 20 minute return trip to drop the rubbish off at two locations.   There is a public bore, but it is not fit for consumption, at times, which is quite frequent, during a drought, water cartage may be required and this is at a cost of approx. $520 a load.   Otherwise the community may drive the hour return trip to obtain drinking water from the Toowoomba Regional Council, carted in 1000 litre containers.    Even though there are disadvantages, the community does tend to thrive on their abilities to live a sustainable life using environmentally sound methods of working the land without the use of fossil fuels.

The idea of popping to the corner store takes on a whole new meaning when you’re in the middle of nowhere. Setting up an off the grid lifestyle can be expensive but once that’s done, water and electricity bills become things of the past. For many, living off the grid is a hideous idea but this community is embracing the simple life, even during great struggles and the constant threat of floods or wild fire.


The area is at the furthest distant edge, but within, the Toowoomba Regional Council zone (3 hour round trip) which then borders the furthest point for the Goondiwindi  Council.  

The Rural Communities Social Services Inc. aims at changing that dynamic and introduce a social inclusion policy approach with views social inclusion as having the opportunity to:


  • participate in society through employment and access to services.

  • Health and wellbeing and a human right access to basic living needs.

  • connect with family, friends and the local community.

  • deal with personal, pandemic and natural crises; and

  • be heard, having a voice.

Services by the organisation are directly offered to the community within the outer rural region of the Toowoomba Regional Council.  The areas consist of; Captains Mountain, Forest Ridge, Western Creek, Condamine Farms, The Pines, Bulli Creek, Wattle Ridge, Millmerran Woods, Millmerran Downs, Cypress Gardens, Bringalilly, Millwood, Koorangarra, Stonehendge, Mt Evelyn, Rocky Creek, Lavelle, Contarf.  If any other area requires assistance, the RCSS will reach out to their volunteers to assist.

The RCSS also assists all rural regions that are in need in the Darling Downs, Southern Downs and Western Downs (Sister Towns)

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