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Rural Addressing

Lot numbers are no longer accepted as official addresses. If you own or live on a rural property, it’s important to contact the Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) to obtain a rural address. They will assign an address using a distance-based system. The numbers will be based on how far (in metres) your property’s entrance is from the road’s starting point (or datum), divided by 10. The starting point is usually an intersection or junction

In Queensland, the responsibility for implementing rural addressing lies with local government.

To obtain a new rural address, contact Toowoomba Regional Council. Usually, they will supply and install a post at the entrance of your property to display the address number.

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Place the property mapper on the spot of where your driveway is located and this pinpoints the exact location of your GEOCODER to the entrance of your driveway for emergency services RURAL ADDRESSING.

TRC Online Mapping


Providing you with a set of geographical coordinates corresponding to your location.