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Stand Proud as One! Help end bullying at schools and in communities, by being alert to signs of distress, and standing up to encourage programs on respect, safety, and anti-bullying. Change cultures and behaviours.

#ThankYouDolly'sDream (Australia anti-bullying campaign), and


For the latest edition for #MarkWahlberg, - Joe Bell’s mission to honour his son and end bullying is inspirational.



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Rural Connections a step to helping rural communities

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Imagine if your whole town banned you, called you names behind your back, isolated you from the community and forced you to live in your house without freedom,  A lot of people are isolated because they are different, or have an opinion, worst still, it could be because of an illness a person could not control.   A lot of people can access NDIS, neighbourhood Centres, but what about the people that don't meet those services, or are waiting for long referral processes.   What happens if a person has a crisis that is short term, or just needs someone to listen.   Large organisations in cities cannot connect personally in a rural area or town, they expect the person to be able to travel, sometimes 3 hours, can you imagine the trauma of the crisis and having to travel?.  Safety is important on rural roads, just as equal as receiving the required service.  The shortfall is not just a physical medical condition, it can be as simple as someone just needing help with day to day chores, or to talk to someone.  These people may not meet the home care services criteria, or even have the financial means, therefore, it is the gap we need to provide services for in rural communities.


Rural mental health services and support is important to any rural community.  It is  heart-breaking to hear tales from rural communities of the shortfall.   RCSS is helping deliver services in rural areas to combat the shortfall.




“Silent killer” is a lack of community cohesiveness, as represented by the number and diversity of its people that like power, and their unwillingness to work together, unless it is their "cult". Such framing often has a double impact: “People tend to urge people, scaremonger, to avoid each other to prevent their loss of control and power, and it also triggers a warped sense of truth, rumour and speculation.” By creating an “us vs. them” mentality, those that want to bind the community, ultimately hinder community co-operation, and create hate and exclusion. In effect, it causes bullying, jealousy, and a “cult” mentality.

When people try and bind a community that already is subject to bullying, rumours and hate, there is a great need for WD-40 to reduce the friction. This is a sign of people enjoying their “power”, reducing friction they secretly created, rather than a community that is safe and have true intentions of creating better mental health.

The most resilient communities appear to be those with a wide variety of deeply rooted cooperative organisations and people that have the skills to go beyond placing band aids upon band aids, and truly want to heal and unite without creating, being a part of, spreading or demeaning a person’s character.   Bullying - Jealousy is an attack on a community’s health


In the face of hate and jealousy, silence is deadly. Apathy will be interpreted as acceptance — by the perpetrators, the public, and — worse — the victims. If left unchallenged, hate persists and grows.

Hate tears society and creates crime, more than any other crime, can trigger community conflict, civil disturbances, and even suicide. For all “silent” hate groups and their imitators, that have a cover, all they are really trying to do is divide; their views are fundamentally anti-democratic.

Take seriously the smallest hint of hate and jealousy — even what appears to be simple name-calling, demoting a character, making you choose one or the other, or just rumours. Rumours and jealousy cause gangs and groups that often escalate to harassment, harassment to threats, and threats to physical violence. Do not wait to fight hate or jealousy, do not wait for WD-40.

Often, hate and jealousy include vicious constant justifications by the perpetrator in people’s ears, continuously until you agree with them, forcing you to choose only one friend, group or organisation. They also reverberate beyond individual victims, leaving you and entire communities vulnerable and afraid. They constantly post in social media that they want unity and display caring messages and hide behind charities, but their actions speak louder, as they are part of groups that constantly hear, create, speak, and spread rumours, obtain innocent intentions, and twist them to hate. They are not standing up for the ones that are bullied and isolated, they are simply increasing their cult.

Victims of hate and jealous cult acts often feel terribly alone and afraid. They have been attacked simply for being who they are — for their disability, their ethnicity, their sexual orientation or even standing up for their rights and genuine opinions. Silence amplifies their isolation; it also tacitly condones the act of hate.

Victims need a strong, timely message that they are valued, not shut up or ridiculed, or even left for the public to have perception.

Small acts of kindness — a phone call — a smile, hello, not listening to the constant banter, can help. True communities fight hate, rather than be a part of it and true leaders help without publicity or attention.

The best way to bind a community is to denounce hate groups and jealousy and to spread the truth to a pluralistic society and show that you can truly collaborate and mix between ALL groups and people without putting someone down and being a part of the act. You can never control the bullies, but you can control your own actions of not being a part of the act, and many will eventually follow.

An informed and unified community is the best defence against hate, jealousy, and bullying. You wont need WD-40 to reduce friction as the bully no longer has control in causing it.

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Get to know human rights in Queensland. The inherent dignity and worth of all human beings. The equal and inalienable human rights of all human beings. Human rights are essential in a democratic and inclusive society that respects the rule of law. Human rights must be exercised in a way that respects the human rights and dignity of others.