Rural Veteran Support

Supporting rural veterans and their immediate families through a mobile peer2peer non-medical care service.   A care service provided by a veteran, (ex-service), a veteran dad (of a currently servicing veteran), a veteran grandchild, and a wife and mother of a veteran.   We have a long history of connection and understanding.

We are proud to be receiving guidance and referrals from DVA, Open Arms,  and being a member as well as assisting the Toowoomba TPI,  through supporting our "Rural Connections Program" with VETS and their families.

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The ADF displays not only discipline but also a sense of team work and camaraderie. A sense of teamwork and comradeship is manifested even at the start of training until forever.  Never forgotten'

'Esprit de corps (pronounced es-pree deh core) translates from French as group spirit. It is a synonym for words like morale, comradeship, and purpose. Normally, this phrase translates only as positive group spirit. In its strictest sense, it applied only to military groups, who together form a sense of purpose and comradeship.'

Any individual who is serving or has served in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is considered a veteran, whether their service was undertaken within Australia or overseas.

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The RCSS has helped a few people in Stanthorpe and continues to provide ongoing support to such an amazing town full of tourist destinations. The RCSS President is a veteran and his son is serving in the Department of Defence. It was only natural that the RCSS joined the Veteran TPI group on a tour of Stanthorpe, learning, supporting each other, and adventuring to enable future support for rural veterans. The RCSS is honoured to work in partnership with TPI, assisting in helping veterans in rural communities.

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The founder of the RCSS, Genni is a mother of a serving veteran and a wife of a retired veteran.   It is in our hearts and family in supporting and providing services to veterans. A photo of soldiers in Afghanistan sending a happy birthday message to Genni.

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