How the Rural Estates Community was established

Subdivisions started when the subsidiary company Development Equity corporation Ltd of The Bond Holdings Ltd purchased land off the farmers in our area and the QLD Government released Freehold from pastoral leases.


Bond Holdings held an 18% share in the Development Equity corporation.

A major question we were interested in.......why would Alan Bond be buying land out in the middle of nowhere in QLD when his property portfolio was predominantly in Western Australia?

18/10/1974 Mitsui Mining Company released they were entering into a joint venture with Millmerran Coal PTY Ltd to launch a coal hydrogenation.

1974 the Commissioner for Electricity Supply investigated the electricity supply.   

April 18, 1978 Hansard Report Cabinet papers revealed a split in the then Bjelke-Petersen Ministry over the location of a new power station in Queensland. It was between Millmerran and Tarong. However, in a 10-to-7 vote, Cabinet sided with then premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen and decided instead that Tarong was the site. Tarong was in Bjelke-Petersen electorate but he debated it was based around water supply issues in Millmerran.

27/01/1976 Bond Holdings was selling off some assets to form some projects in QLD. Development Equity corporation Pty Ltd was taking on 18% of the Forestry projects.

24/05/1976 QLD Energy and Mines Minister Mr Camm stated that Millmerran seemed an ideal site for getting oil from coal.

24/08/1978 Hamersley News advertised 'to be offered for sale in 5 weeks Millmerran Woods'.

27/07/1979 Development Equity corporation PTY Ltd advertised land sale in Millmerran Woods. Stating 'One of the richest Coal deposits in Australia'. You could request a Millmerran Woods Alternatives brochure. Some of the actual pictures were taken in Millmerran and not in our area.

01/11/1979 Hansard Report Cabinet papers revealed that the Millmerran Woods land being sold by the Development Equity corporation Ltd was being sold under false and misrepresentation of the land and environment.

13/03/1980 Development Equity corporation PTY Ltd advertised in Papua New Guinea and other places of land sale in Millmerran Woods.

It is reported, about the Bond Holdings Group, that it took over 20 years to sell the residential properties.  Some residents that have been in the subdivision since the 1990's report that signs were erected by the Bond Holdings Group promising resort facilities, this has yet to be verified by physical evidence.

TODAY, most of the rural community live amongst the dense scrub and bushland, surrounded by Forestry.  Only a selected few have the luxuries of being on the grid, whereas majority of the community live off the grid relying on an alternative lifestyle.  The community has no water supply and rely on rain.   We are in a drought and fire prone area, we had major bush fires in December 2019.  The Toowoomba Regional Council has in 2019 declared most properties in a flood area.   Some residents have to fill up 1000 litre IBC's, driving an hour round trip to obtain water.   There are approximately 800 residents.

Australia Post does not deliver to the community and residents have to drive an hour return trip to receive their mail.  They pay for their post boxes in town.

The 1979 Cabinet report reflects the same conditions shown economically and environmentally today.

The roads are still unsealed, sandy dirt tracks, and the area remains with very limited, and virtually nil, infrastructure.