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Rural Veteran Support Links

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Where to Start

DVA Link

DVA can provide financial support to help you improve or maintain your quality of life. They have payments and support if you  have an injury or health condition because of your service. Benefits are available to you and your family

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Employment Program

RSL Link

can help defence personnel take the next step forwards finding meaningful employment to help transition into civilian life. 


Education Program TAFE


TAFE Queensland provides a range of services to help support members to re-enter the workforce after exiting the Australian Defence Force (ADF). There are a range of funding options that ex-ADF members may be eligible for that can reduce the costs of their studies. 

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Ongoing Mental Health

Open Arms

Open Arms –  Australia’s leading provider of mental health assessment and counselling for Australian veterans and their families.

Current Serving, Ex-Serving & Families

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Ongoing Treatment

DVA Link

DVA funds a range of health services that are clinically required to treat your particular health conditions.

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Navigating Life Beyond ADF

RSL Link

Go Beyond is a free online, self-directed training program based on individual needs and is designed to help guide veterans through their adjustment to civilian life.

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TPI Social Centres

TPI Link

Social Centres are located throughout the state and all members, including associates, are encouraged to join a centre. Centres will make you welcome and you can enjoy the camaraderie of fellow ex-service people